Curro’s ‘Satanic’ art project slated by Pastor

While attending a school function near Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, pastor Andrew Anderson was horrified to discover ‘satanic’ artwork on display.

In the video which went viral on social media on Monday, the pastor explains that he attended the Grantleigh school as a child and loved the teachers but slates the school for the pictures and artwork he found displayed, which he feels mock the Christian community.

The pastor was attending his child’s year-end prize-giving ceremony when he noticed the artwork on display.

Anderson has chosen to remove his child from the private school as he is appalled that a school who prides itself on its Christian ethos can display artwork where Jesus is portrayed as a clown.

According to the Grantleigh School website, it is an independent school, founded in 1997, and a member of the Curro Group.  Set in the tranquil country environment on the KZN North Coast.

The schools motto is: To God be the Glory.

The video in which the parent expresses his disgrace regarding the grade 12 art project which he says is ‘like they were crucifying Jesus all over again”, has sparked an onslaught of criticism about the school.

The drawings include Ronald McDonald clown being replaced as Jesus in various famous Christian paintings such as the Last Supper.  There are sketches of skulls, the Grim Reaper and demons.

Some artwork on display contain bible pages which have been torn up and moulded onto busts which appear to be demons with horns.

Grantleigh’s Executive Head, Andrew Norris told media that the artwork was part of a final submission to the IEB, however an internal investigation has been launched into the matter.

Norris said that comments which had been made on social media are not an accurate reflection of the school. Curro welcomes constructive comments but do not condone cyber-bullying, religious intolerance, hate speech, derogatory language, misrepresentation and comments reflecting negativity on the schools brand or any social media pages.

Political parties have also weighed in on the debate despite having limited oversight of independent schools, with the ACDP requesting that the display be removed.

One person who commented on the schools Facebook page made a valid point by saying that the artworks were done by Matrics, who would have been assigned the project under the schools supervision.

Since Ronald McDonald represents unhealthy food and the body is a temple, perhaps the images represent people who are greedy.

Art is designed to provoke emotion and in a society where people are easily offended it is understandable that the destruction of a bible will cause anger but it seems unfair to slate the school for allowing the pupils to be free-thinkers.