Angelo Agrizzi accused of involvement in Gavin Watson’s death

It has been more than a month since the death of the late Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson and despite three separate investigations being conducted nobody is any closer to resolving the mystery that unfolded on that fateful Monday morning on August 26th when Watsons company vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, smashed into a concrete pillar on the R21 close to OR Tambo International Airport.

Many unanswered questions

As we previously detailed, there are many suspicions and speculations around the incident but you would assume that either the official police investigation, the Watson family’s investigation with private forensic experts or the probe by the Zondo commission into state capture would have resulted some sort of concrete answer by now.

The missing cellphone

It was reported that the 71-year-old never went anywhere without his cellphone and despite his Whatsapp being used about 30 minutes before his car impacted the concrete pillar, there was no cellphone found at the crash site.

The phone was tracked to a residential area in Germiston and then Bryanston at around 7pm on the night of the crash, before it was switched off,

A report showing which towers the phone ‘pinged’ off should have been available within 48 hours, yet it is still outstanding.

The data on the report would reveal Watson’s movements prior to his death and could have lead investigators to who he might have been in contact with and who is in possession of his phone.

Road conditions were clear on the day of the accident

The official technical Accident Report (AR) which was completed by an EMPD constable on the morning of the accident detailed that the Bosasa Toyota Corolla was travelling along the R21, when it came to a curve, within walking distance of OR Tambo Airport, before colliding with the concrete pillar.

The road was dry and weather conditions were clear.  There were very clear road markings which would have been visible during the Dawn hours of 5am and there were no skid marks before the point of impact.

Watson was declared deceased at 05h27 by Cape Medics.

Fingers are now pointed to Angelo Agrizzi

The former Bosasa chief executive’s nephew, Jared Watson told media that a booklet of evidence had been put together by Gavin and the company, now known as African Global Operations, which would rebut Angelo Agrizzi’s testimony during the Zondo Commission.

The evidence was due to be presented at the SARS Tax Commission on August 27.

According to reports, Agrizzi and his brother have a business in Germiston, where the cellphone was tracked to.  The phone was then tracked to Bryanston Drive before it was switched off.  This is en-route to Agrizzi’s home which is located in Fourways.

These facts, coupled with the evidence which was due to disprove Agrizzi’s testimony has caused the family to believe that he was involved in Watson’s death.

Agrizzi has denied any involvement in Watson’s death claiming the accusations are spurious, however the Watson family have stated that the documents reveal that the Chief Operations Officer (Agrizzi) made most of the decisions at Bosasa and that he lied under oath at the Commission of Inquiry.

Watson was deceased before impact

It was evident from Watsons neck laceration and lack of blood in the vehicle that he was deceased before the point of impact.  A pathology report confirmed that his heart was not beating when he impacted the concrete pillar.

A toxicology report is still pending to confirm whether there had been any fowl play involved.