What to expect with the National Health Insurance Bill

Some good news about the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill is that doctors, dentists, specialists, physiotherapists, paramedics and hospital pricing will be controlled.

Parliament is expected to release the NHI bill publicly on Thursday morning.

How pricing will work

A pricing committee will set pricing and will refuse to work with any health workers who do not adhere to the national pricing.

The aim of the bill is to provide free high-quality healthcare for everyone and will only pay hospitals, doctors and staff who provide a quality service and meet certain standards.

Various committees will be established with medical professors who will put a guideline in place as to what protocols doctors must follow, the treatments they may administer and a list of drugs and technology that may be used.

Will you still need medical aid

Medical aids as we know them will cease to exist and will only be able to pay for services which are not covered by the NHI.

What will the NHI cover?

No specifications have been provided yet.  According to News24 the bill only mentions that a ‘comprehensive healthcare service’ will be provided and an advisory committee will be appointed to list the services offered.

The aim is to have the NHI fully operational by 2026.

How will the NHI be funded?

A personal income tax surcharge, the reallocation of medical scheme tax credits and general taxes will go toward the bill as well as provincial equitable shares and conditional grants that treasury currently allocates to provinces will be used toward the NHI fund.