Solidarity applying to have SAA placed under business rescue in order to protect taxpayers

The union Solidarity are filing an application to have South African Airways (SAA) placed on business rescue in an effort to protect tax payers.

Solidarity said in a statement on Sunday that they are launching a protest campaign which includes about six legal actions against state-owned enterprises.

The union said that it’s time South African taxpayers turned to lawful tax protests. The protest is not about withholding tax but the power of tax activism like what has already been experienced with the e-toll protest.

Former SAA CEO Vuyani Jarana prevented Solidarity from bringing the same case against the SOE by making many promises which never came to fuition, and Jarana has since left.

The amount of money invested into SAA is too valuable to allow the airline to crash.

Dirk Hermann, Solidarity chief operating officer said the union are also planning actions against Denel and Eskom.

Taxpayers fail to realise the power they have, said Hermann.  The state is working with taxpayer money and there are various legal instruments which can be utilised to hold them accountable.

Loyal taxpayers and ordinary citizens, rich and poor, black and white are entitled to good infrastructure and services from the state.