Worcester hero saves man from gas tanker explosion

New footage has come to light of a man who has been hailed as a hero during the Worcester tanker explosion incident.

Shortly after the gas tanker caught alight a man working at a nearby shop saw the driver of the car crawl out of his vehicle and was crying for help.

Klaas de Vos was loading a truck at the time in High Street and could smell the gas.

He couldn’t really get near the vehicle because of the heat of the flames, but knew he had to help the man.

The tank had not yet exploded at this time.

De Vos said he felt the mans life was very important and despite the heat and flames he got the man out and put him in his bakkie.

Rushing through the traffic to the hospital the man said he couldn’t sit because of burns to his back.  He also sustained burns to his hands and head.