Cause of gas tanker explosion revealed

Residents in Worcester in the Western Cape woke up on Wednesday morning to what felt like an earthquake when a gas tanker exploded.

The disaster is evident by the seven buildings, including the water and electricity offices which burnt down.

Melted traffic lights reveal the heat of the flames that ravaged trees and nearby vehicles.

Miraculously nobody died however six people were injured, including two firemen.

Fire chief Theo Botha told eNCA that a gas truck carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LFG) revered into a lamp pole which damaged the vehicle and releasing a vapour cloud.

A civilian bakkie drove through the cloud which ignited the fire which resulted in the tank exploding and flames engulfing the area.  The tank landed about 100m from where the crash site was.

As the vapour dispersed onto the buildings and other property it caught alight causing the widespread damage.

The motorist is being treated for burns in a hospital ICU.

A case of reckless and negligent driving and malicious damage to property has been opened against the truck driver.