Mr D driver arrested on rape charge in Cape Town

A Cape Town woman has accused a Mr D Food delivery man of raping her in her home while delivering her order.

It is alleged that the 26-year-old woman ordered food from Spur on Friday evening and while paying the 43-year-old delivery driver he pushed her to the floor and raped her.

The man is said to have fled the scene following the incident by kicking down the security gate.

The food delivery company’s spokesperson, Julie-Anne Walsh confirmed that the suspect had been arrested on Tuesday and his driver’s contract has been terminated.

The woman said she let the driver in and locked the gate, requesting that he place the food in the kitchen while she gets the money to pay him.

He allegedly followed her down the passage and asked her if she lived along, to which she stated that she lives with her father.

She said that he then told her she was beautiful and he loved her before pushing her against a wall.

His pants were open and she fell on the ground, at which point he penetrated her, but it’s unclear how it happened.

The woman said she then hit him on the head with a bowl and ran into the study where she pushed a couch against the door, preventing him from entering.