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Eskom accuse Zim of lying about payment

Energy Minister Fortune Chasi shared Zimbabwe’s proof of payment to Eskom via a social media post after being accused of lying.

The power utility made a statement saying that the funds from Zimbabwe had not reflected in their account by close of business on Friday.

Eskom’s Group Chief Executive Phakamani Hadebe said that no further negotiation would be held with Zesa until the payment had been received.

The proof of payment shared on the social platform revealed that $10-million (R139 000 000) had been paid on July 1.

Chasi has stated to Zimbabwe that there is no guarantee for power as negotiations still need to be conducted and the public owes 350-million and Zesa will disconnect any consumers, regardless of who they are, should their accounts not be paid.

Eskom have not yet confirmed if payment was received.