Fawzia Peer sceptical that municipal lab is testing the paraffin water

The acting mayor of eThekwini municipality Fawzia Peer who is awaiting the paraffin water test result, said on Monday that she is sceptical about the use of an inhouse laboratory.

Peer who allegedly drank what is assumed to have been paraffin laced water during a council meeting on Thursday was rushed to hospital for examining.

When she heard the bottled water had been sent to a municipal laboratory she expressed her concerns about the authenticity of the tests which are being conducted and told News24 that an independent lab should have been used.

She said that politicians are being killed every day in the province but they are just trying to focus on service delivery.

The municipality said in a statement that the did not believe the water had been contaminated but had sent it for testing as a precaution.

Peer is said to be feeling much better but was unable to eat the last three days due to her mouth being inflamed.