Eskom did not accept assistance from the 480 Industry experts who offered

Eskom have made no effort to contact any of the 480 skilled professionals who registered their interest to assist with helping the company out of their predicament.

Trade union group Solidarity in February invited former Eskom employees and engineering experts to register via their website if they were able to offer assistance in helping save the power supplier.

The union sent Eskom a shortlist a few weeks later but have not approached anyone to enquire about what skills they had to offer.

Despite being angered by what had happened to Eskom, Solidarity realised the crisis needed to be addressed and offered to assist in re-recruiting highly skilled people.

Solidarity Chief Executive Dr Dirk Hermann appealed to South Africa to reduce their consumption and to make the rescue project a national one but even though the database has been seen by Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, he is involved in his own turnaround strategy.

The power utility might have avoided load-shedding since mid-March but that does not mean they are problem free as their newest plants are still not up to standard and the older ones are in serious need to maintenance.

There have been numerous worker strikes over the past year and with continued bailouts they are continually digging the hole of debt deeper but it seems they feel they have a plan in place to prevent a country-wide blackout.