Sardines have arrived in KZN

The sardines arrived in KwaZulu-Natal waters at midday on Tuesday between Port Edward and Glenmore beach.

The first large shoal was spotted by well known Durban netter, Goolam Essack, who said the sardines are quiet deep and there are large sharks around.

A mild cold front coming from the Cape will push the sardines north and netters are eagerly awaiting their arrival in Ramsgate.

KZN Sharks Board Acting Head of Operations, Greg Thompson has confirmed the siting but said no netting had taken place as they are still in deep water.

They were last seen about 1 to 2 kilometres out to sea but are heading north.

A large shoal was seen about 2 kilmetres out in the Leisure Bay area but there doesn’t seem to be any dolphin activity and very few seabirds.

Glenmore beach is approximately 157 kilometres from Durban.