Soweto’s electricity debt increases to R18-billion

While Eskom continues to try and recover debt, Soweto’s unpaid electricity bill has increased to around R18-billion.

Eskom spokesperson, Dikatso Mothae said Soweto’s debt was at about R17-billion in February.

In their attempt to improve revenue recovery, the power utility has begun removing illegal connections, conducting meter audits, repairing faulty or tampered meters and limiting ghost vending of prepaid meters.

Ghost vending is the illegal sale of prepaid electricity vouchers from a cash dispenser unit which has been stolen from Eskom or another electricity redistributor.

In an attempt to prevent tampering they have installed smart and/or prepaid meters within a secure enclosure whereby converting customers from post-paid to prepaid. This prevents customers who do not honour their accounts.

Eskom heard from Municipalities that they are prevented from interrupting electricity supply due to receiving interdicts from customer groupings however in an attempt to recover unpaid money the power utility has begun issuing summons to the municipalities.