Radovan Krejcir threatens to escape prison if not extradited

Convicted crime boss Radovan Krejcir is demanding that the South African government extradite him to the Czech Republic or he will attempt to escape.

A letter of demand from Krejcir to the former justice and constitutional development minister Michael Masutha was issued in August through his attorneys.

The letter stated that the longer Krejcir is incarcerated in South Africa with no hope for parole, the more chance he will escape and if he succeeds in his escape this could be a major embarrassment to authorities.

The attorneys suggested that should Krejcir be extradited the threat will be removed and the burden of having a dangerous criminal will be permanently removed..

Krejcir was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for the kidnapping and torture.

Unable to locate a man known only as Doctor who disappeared with 25 kilograms of Tik, Krejcir punished his brother, Bheki Lukhele.

It is believed from comments made by the attorneys, that Krejcir has cost the country’s tax payers around R200-million during his time in detention and incarceration.

Czech Republic officials have been trying to secure his extradition since 2007 as he is wanted and has been convicted there on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and murder, tax evasion and credit fraud.

Originally Krejcir was fighting against being extradited and it’s unclear as to why he has changed his mind.

He and three others are also currently on trial for the murder of Lebanese drug dealer Sam Issa in 2013 and Krejcir faces charges of conspiracy to murder forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan and former crime intelligence operative Nkosana “Killer” Ximba.

According to correctional services spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo, they have received the letter but thee is no extradition treaty in place with the Czech Republic.