Shelters for victims of abuse are failing due to lack of funding and standardisation

An investigation by the Commission for Gender Equality has revealed that the shelters which house victims of gender violence and not well funded or managed and there is no standard approach to the LGBTI community.

The investigation was conducted after complaints were received regarding the way counselling was conducted, victimisation and poor living conditions.

Three shelters were check and it was discovered that in some instances the buildings, facility infrastructure and security was a problem.

There was a lack of transitional housing. Salaries are not standardised between those doing the same level of work and standard practises and policies were not being complied with.

SowetanLIVE reported that women said they were discharged from the facility with nowhere to go and some had come to the shelter with their children, but there was no creche facilities to assist them.

The commission investigated the capacity of the shelter, the duration of the stay and their level of readiness to leave the shelter, as well as funding, record-keeping and the way in which confidentiality, safety and security was handled.