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Michael Jackson fans not swayed by the claims of molestation

Adoring Michael Jackson fans are preparing to mark the 10th anniversary of his death despite the claims of his sexual abuse to minors.

According to EWN the singer’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame still receives a great number of selfie-snapping tourists and a souvenir shop located nearby as well as a tattoo parlour have reported to receive much trade in the Jackson line.

A statue of Jackson is located above the box office at Ripley’s Believe it Or Not museum and draws in tourists, even Madame Tussauds have said the Jackson’s waxwork is one of their top crowd pullers.

Earlier this year HBO released a documentary called Leaving Neverland which contains interviews and details of how Jackson allegedly used his celebrity status to lure in young boys and molest them at his fairytale-themed ranch.

Fans however, even those who have watched the documentary are not swayed by the allegations as growing up with the likes of Thriller supersedes all else.

A 31-year-old Jackson impersonator, Antoine Baynes who performs his moonwalk on the Hollywood Boulevard for tourists’ tips said that the documentary had not impact on the flow of tourists or their support.

The documentary by two men who claim to have been sexually abused by Jackson when they were children details how they met and what followed.

Jackson, who overdosed in 2009 at the age of 50, denied the claims of child sex abuse at his estate and filed a $100-mission case against HBO for ‘posthumous character assassination’.

The anniversary on Tuesday will be celebrated by fans from around the world and a ‘MJ Innocent Love Rally’ has been planned on Hollywood Boulevard where there will be screenings of fan-made tribute films as well as events such as a ‘zombie dance’ on Venice Beach.