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Trump made many false statements during his campaign rally

US President Donald trump launched his campaign rally in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday for the 2020 presidency and made some amazing pledges to his supporters.

Trump made many false promises in his speech however and is said to have skewed on many facts.

Trump said that the cure for cancer and other diseases are getting closer and he is pushing for new medical frontiers.

During his campaign launch Trump made the promise to never let the country down, claiming that he plans to eradicate AIDS in America and laying foundations for American astronauts to land on the surface of Mars.

He made claims that he had accomplished more than any other president in the first two years of presidency and his situation was more difficult than any other president.

As usual, Trump brought up his 2016 presidential rival, Hillary Clinton which caused the 20 000 capacity stadium to chant ‘Lock her up!”

Exaggerating the facts and claiming the US had the greatest economy in the history of the country, Trump failed to mention that the annual rate was only 3.2 percent in the first quarter of 2019 while in 1984 growth reached 7.2 percent.

Trump also said that by the end of next year he plans to have 400 miles of wall built, but the truth is that most of what he is referring to is replacement barrier between Mexico.