FNB says clients need to ‘pay back the money’ they received by mistake

Many First National Bank (FNB) customers received ‘free money’ in their accounts on Tuesday only to find out on Wednesday that the bank had a glitch.

FNB issued a formal apology stating that a glitch had caused their system to make incorrect deposits into clients accounts and reflect incorrect balances due to a delay in debit card transactions but the matter had been resolved.

They apologised sincerely to those who were affected.

Some FNB customers discovered hundreds while others received thousands of unjustifiable rands in their bank accounts.

Twitter was flooded by sad customers on Wednesday when the money was reversed, but others were angry and did not want to return the money, however it was an unjustifiable enrichment and FNB customers should not have spent something that was not theirs.

Business Insider reported that anyone who refuses to pay back the money to FNB could be liable for interest and legal fees.

The bank’s transnational banking spokesperson, Daniel Kaan said that customers have no legal basis to keep the money and are legally obligated to repay any money they had spent.