Johannesburg water warns of 54-hour shutdown

Rand Water announced on Tuesday that they will be cutting off the water supply during a scheduled maintenance for 54 hours.

The City of Johannesburg said that Rand Water supplies the bulk of the water and planned maintenance would affect all their reservoirs and towers starting on June 24 until June 27.

A 2500mm butterfly valve needs to be installed on the B11 pipeline between Lethabo and Vereeniging pumping station.

This will not necessarily mean that no water will be supplied at all during the 54 hours.  Contractors will be working long hours to complete the job and some areas might experience a shortage of water while others might experience low pressure.

Residence in the following areas are requested to use water sparingly during this shutdown:

  • Emfuleni
  • Johannesburg City
  • Mogale
  • Merafong
  • Metsimaholo
  • Rand West Local Municiipality
  • Rustenburg

A suggestion is to stock up on potable water, rather use the basin to wash and try to recycle dirty water for flushing the toilet.