Euthanasia activist receives eight year sentence for murder

The founder of the euthanasia organisation DignitySA, Sean Davison was sentenced to eight years house arrest on Wednesday after pleading guilty to charges of assisting three people who wanted to end their lives.

The Western Cape Court Judge President John Hlophe, suspended five of Davison’s sentence which means he will effectively serve three years house arrest with community service.

Davison, 57, made national headlines when he was arrested at his home in Pinelands in September last year for assisting his friend Anrich Burger with death following a car crash that left him a quadriplegic.

He administered a lethal amount of morphine to Burger in November 2013.

He medically assisted Justin Varian in July 2015 by placing a bag over his head and administering helium.  Then in November 2015 he administered a lethal amount of drugs to Richard Holland.

The South African government are against medically assisted suicide or voluntary euthanasia as they believe the legislation will be open to abuse.