Father pleads guilty of child abuse after throwing his child off the shack roof

A 38-year-old Port Elizabeth man has pleaded guilty to child abuse after throwing his one-year-old child of the roof of his shack during a protest.

The arrest of the man during a protest in the Joe Slovo informal settlement in April 2018 made headlines across the country after video footage and photos made their rounds of the father throwing the child from the shack roof.

The protest had been in regards to the demolishing of illegal shacks on municipal land.

In an attempt to prevent his structure from being demolished, the man climbed onto the roof and threatened to throw his child off.

When a police officer approached him to talk him down, he threw his child off the roof.

The child was given back to her 35-year-old mother after social services found no reason for the child to be removed.

The state dropped the attempted murder charges and on Wednesday at the New Brighton Magistrate’s Court the father, whose name cannot be release to protect the child’s identity, pleaded guilty.

Following the mans plea the magistrate handed down a suspended sentence, said police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge.

A R5,000 fine or one year in jail suspended for five years.