Pure athlete Caster Semenya says she refuses to take drugs

Caster Semenya achieved another victory in Montreuil, France on Tuesday when she won the women’s 2 000 metre race and narrowly missing the South African record when she cruised in at 5:38:19.

Semenya holds national records in every distance from 400m to 1 500m and missed the 2 000m by seconds.  The record has been held by Zola Budd since April 1991 who in Cape Town set the mark at 5:38:07.

Semenya, who has appealed the ruling against international gender rules, has been allowed to complete in middle-distance events until June 25.

In an interview with media Semenya made it clear that she will not take medication to lower her testosterone levels as ruled by the IAAF.

She stated that the IAAF should focus on people who dope. She is a pure athlete and refuses to take drugs.

Athletes that have been affected by the rule are women who have the same testosterone levels as males and the IAAF wants women to have their testosterone reduced before being allowed to take part in women’s races.

The rule which applies to all races from 400 metres to one mile, came into affect on May 8,