Transnet staff risked job losses if they did not approve tender

A Transnet whistle-blower told the State Capture Inquiry on Monday that the bid committee members were advised that should a certain company not be awarded a tender, their jobs were on the line.

Former Transnet group chief information officer Makano Mosidi testified to the Commission yesterday that Gijima was the preferred bidder during the tender process but because of job threats the contract was awarded to T-Systems.

Mosidi was given a letter written by the cross-functional evaluation team at Transnet in which it explained that they were forced to vote for a certain company by the bosses.

She had sent the letter for investigation with the forensic auditors but nothing came out of it.  She later learnt that the forensic process had ceased and the matter had been swept under the rug.

Former Trnasnet chartered accountant Gerhard van der Westhuizen said last month that he was advised by former group chief executive Brian Molefe that T-Systems had been recommended for the telecommunications tender and he feared losing his job if he did not carry out the instruction.