Deceased Forest High pupil was due to appear in court for armed robbery charge

Johannesburg Magistrates Court granted Grade 11 Forest High School pupil bail of R5,000 which has caused outrage with the Grade 8 victim’s family who are planning a protest against the courts decision.

The Court said that they had granted bail to allow 19-year-old Mohamed Mwela a chance to complete his mid-year exams.

The National Prosecuting Authority however revealed that the 18-year-old victim, Daniel Bakwela was facing charges of armed robbery.

The NPA’s Phindi Mjonondwane said that the deceased and one of the pupils who were stabbed in the case were due to appear in court in August and Mwela’s bail decision had to be based on many other facts on hand.

The NPA met with Bakwela’s family to explain the reason why bail would not be opposed was due to the criminal charges for an incident which occurred in 2018. No other details were given regarding the matter.

Moela’s bail conditions are that he relocate to another address, is not allowed to enter Forest High School or Turffontein and may not interact with state witnesses until his trail has been finalised.  He may not leave the country without consulting the investigating officer and must surrender his passport.

The Gauteng education department have been ordered by the court to move Mwela to another school and make alternative arrangements to allow him to complete his exams.

The case will continue on July 10.