Warning to South Africans regarding Canada immigration hoax

South African’s are being warned that there is an online immigration scam dong the rounds that claims Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is calling for one million new immigrants from Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa.

According to Beaver Immigration Consulting, the elaborate scam is defrauding victims of thousands of dollars via social platforms and chat groups.

The fake news is said to have begun circulating on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Whatsapp two months ago and states that a new employment and migration programme was created in Canada and designed for immigrants from African countries.

A licenced Canadian immigration consultant based in Cape Town, Nicholas Avramis said that the Canadian government has announced their plan earlier in 2019 to add one million new permanent residents by 2020. The plan is however aimed at the world and based on how the applicant can benefit the country.

Avramis says the scam has been known in India and Asia for some years but recently only filtered down to Africa and recently reached South Africa.