Red Ants were ordered by the court to demolish Alexandra shacks

The Security and Evictions Services unit, the Red Ants have rejected allegations that they destroyed the shacks in Alexandra township illegally stating that they were only doing their job.

The unit demolished about 80 shacks in Alex last week in a joint operation with the SA Police services and Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

Several houses belonging to residents in Stjwetla were also demolished last week.

Gauteng Mayor Herman Mashaba told Stjwetla residents on Monday that he does not know who authorised the demolition and that the destruction of the 80 structures in Alexandra was done illegally.

The Red Ants released a statement on Wednesday saying that they are in possession of a court order by the City of Johannesburg which authorises them to carry out the removal of shacks.

The court order, authorised by the sheriff of the High Court was handed down by the Honourable judge Windell and is dated 7 September 2016. It allows for the removal of unlawful structures on the property.

Johannesburg city manager Ndivhoniswa Lukhwareni said on Wednesday that he takes full responsibility for the removal of the structures.