Journalist Karima Brown won her case against EFF

eNCA veteran journalist Karima Brown won her harassment battle against the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Johannesburg High Court on Thursday.

The harassment started in March after Brown accidentally sent a message intended for a colleague to a group chat with party members.  The message which the EFF took offence to, was instructing the colleague to keep an eye on an EFF gathering.

The party leader, Julius Malema shared the message with hsi 2.3 million Twitter followers but failed to conceal Brown’s contact number.

Brown said she was bombarded with messages which threatened her with rape, sexual assault and violence as well as being called a multitude of vulgar names and sworn at.

The journalist said that many of the threats were made by EFF members which lead her to file a case against the party and it’s leader prior to the elections.  Initially she wanted Malema to be declared in breach of the electoral code.

She previously requested an apology from Malema and the EFF but it has become a known fact after multiple court rulings that Malema is defiant and apologies are not given easily.

Brown is also seeking R100,000 in damages.