BLF appeals court ruling on grounds of freedom of speech

The Black First Land first (BLF) have appealed to the court to have the ruling overturned that declares their slogan “Land or Death” hate speech.

The Equality Court ordered the party to remove the slogan from it’s regalia, social media platforms and website last month when it was declared as hate speech.

The BLF had a month to follow out the instructions and the deadline would have been this week.

A copy of the judgement was also to be sent to the public prosecutions director to institute possible criminal proceedings against Andile Mngxitama.

In their court papers which were filed on Monday, the BLF claim that the phrase should not have been taken literally, it’s objective had a historical meaning and was more of a political expression.

The BLF said the slogan was not to incite violence or hatred on any race and therefore did not constitute hate speech.

A post-democratic NGO Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) will be assisting the BLF in it’s plight to maintain it’s slogan.