Johannesburg man attempts to transport dead body by using taxi app

A man from Midrand was refused a taxi ride after the driver noticed the woman who was accompanying him appeared lifeless.

Napo Motebang requested a taxi from his townhouse via a cellphone app in an attempt to dispose of a body.

After the first taxi driver refused to allow him a ride, he tried a second driver, who on noticing the apparently deceased body contacted police to investigate.

The 27-year-old desperate to dispose of the body resorted to placing the woman in a garbage bin which he then wheeled from the complex to bushes near the Midrand police station where he dumped the body.

A security guard became suspicious when he saw Motebang taking the bin.

The victim is believed to be a Lesotho national and was known by Motebang’s sister.

Police found the woman’s body in the bin with pillows which matched Motebang’s bedding.

He was charged with murder and appeared in the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, but the case was postponed to June 13 for a formal bail application.