CT petrol attendant praised for lending woman R100 fuel

A Cape Town petrol attendant has been praised on social media for lending a woman R100 for petrol after she left her bank card at home.

The Facebook post on Thursday, in which Monet van Deventer expresses her gratitude, has already gone viral.

Van Deventer mentions in the post that she arrived at the petrol station and before asking the attendant to fill her tank, she had a feeling she had forgotten her bank card at home.

The man washed her windscreen while she was searching and when she explained that she had to go home to fetch her bank card, he told her she can’t run out of fuel on the N2 and offered to give her R100 fuel and she can return it when returned to the area again.

Before she could argue, he had already begun putting petrol into the tank which he then paid with his own card.

Without asking her for her contact details, he told her to drive safely and allowed her to leave.

On returning to refund Nkosikho, van Deventer asked him why he had helped her and trusted that she would return to repay him and he explained that he is a ‘believer’.

By midday on Friday the post had been shared 42 000 times and received 16 000 comments with many people thanking Nkosikho and applauding him on his moral standing.