DA wins ward 35 and 37 in Nelson Mandela Bay

The Democratic Alliance (DA) won both ward 35 and 37 in Nelson Mandela Bay during the national elections on May 8.

Helga van Staaden, who is the DA’s Ward 35 candidate, won by 83.3% and Georgina Faldtman won by 55.4% of the votes in Ward 37.

Service delivery in the area has come to a standstill under the ANC, EFF, UDM corrupt coalition and this proves that voters are demanding change, said DA provincial leader Nqaba Bhanga.

The metro runs through a government coalition between the ANC, UDM, AIC and United Front but supported by the EFF, however the DA have now acquired 57 seats in council which makes it the largest party in the metro.

Ward 35 was previously let by Trevor Louw and Ward 37 by Neville Higgins but their memberships were terminated after they sided with the government coalition.

The ANC have however objected to the win stating the Van Staaden and Faldtman cannot stand as ward councillors at the same time as being PR councillors.

They need to complete their period as elected PR councillors before applying to be ward councillors