Woman learns she was raped after pregnancy test shows positive

A woman in Jersey discovered she had been raped after finding out she was pregnant two weeks later.

The woman, who cannot be named, was walked home by Manuel Aguilar after a night out with friends, but woke up naked in her bed feeling confused and disorientated.

The 24-year-old initially told the Jersey Royal Court that nothing had happened, but two weeks later she took a pregnancy test and discovered it was positive.  It was then that she reported the alleged rape to police.

Crown Advocate Emma Hollywood said the woman terminated the pregnancy immediately.

Aguilar, 24, denies the rape, but DNA from the embryo has been linked to him.

The jury heard that while the women was in a nighclub, Aguilar offered to buy her a drink.  She said she asked for a shot of Sambuca liqueur and the defendant also bought a bottle of champagne.

In CCTV footage the woman is seen being escorted from the bar at 12:30am in a drunken state and carried through town by Aguilar.  They are accompanied by another individual.

Aguilar apparently told the women initially that nothing had happened but after he heard she was not on any form of contraception, he claimed he was not positive of that.

The women attended the sexual health clinic a few days later where she was given the morning after pill but the pregnancy test still proved positive weeks later.

She told Aguilar who apparently helped pay for the termination.

She reported the matter to the police because she was angered by the position she had been put in.

The case is ongoing.