Sardine run heading to the KZN east coast soon

The Sardine Run in KwaZulu-Natal is a natural annual occurrence where large shoals of sardines make their way along the east coast of South Africa during winter.

According to the KZN Sharks Board the bulk of the sardines can be found in the cooler Cape waters but each winter the shoal moves up the coast.

It is unclear as to why the fish follow the cool water on the continental shelf of the east coast as the waters are less food-rich than the Cape.

The are followed by many predators such as shad, garrick and geelbek which are joined by sharks and dolphin shoals who all take advantage of the silver fish.

The fish gather near the surface of the narrow inshore band of water where they are devoured by the predators, including humans who swoop them up by the net fulls.

The wind and current force the sardines very close to the beach making it easy to be caught in hands or any means possible.

The sardines can be expected from early June through to early August.