SA motorists could be paying R17-per-litre for petrol in June

Before the elections South African motorists were warned that they could be seeing a steep spike of about 57-cents in the fuel price in June, but it may not be as bad as expected.

The rand appears to be holding at R14 to the dollar which could result in an additional 30-cents to the litre of fuel.

The implementation of Carbon Tax, which was approved during the February Budget Speech adds a further nine-cents-per-litre.

Bearing in mind that South Africa relies on imported crude oil and with Donald Trump increasing sanctions against Iran and his trade war with China it could have a negative effect on availability and price.

Motorists are now looking at an estimated fuel price increase of around 37-cents-per-litre.  This will push the price of fuel inland past the R17-per-litre mark.

A drone attack on the pipeline in Saudi Arabia recently caused the Brent Crude price to increase to $71 a barrel so it is safe to assume that regardless of what happen as we approach the end of May, motorists can expect an increase in the price of fuel in June.