Grade 4 Life Orientation will not be about mastubation

The department of education has lashed out at the Sunday Times regarding the article regarding Grade 4 pupils who will start learning about masturbation in the new Life Orientation studies next year.

The department said the article was misleading and goes against what they are trying to achieve.

A new curriculum is currently being written for Grade 4 Life Orientation textbooks but does not cover masturbation. What will in fact be covered in an age-appropriate and sensitive manner will be how babies are conceived and they will be encouraged to discuss how babies are welcomed into the world, such as imbeleko.

Imbeleko is a traditional ceremony which is conducted around the 10th day after a baby is born where the umbilical connection is detached and the child is introduced to the ancestors.

According to DBE the content of the textbooks for sex education for 9-year-old’s is done with an evidence-information approach and UNESCO’s international technical guidance from research as well as evidence-based highly respected South African institutions.

Learners textbooks will also cover being unique, healthy lifestyles choices with food, respect toward ones self and each other, understanding personal boundaries and the concept of privacy.