The ANC spent around R1bn on election campaign

Political parties spent an estimated combined R2-billion on election campaigning, half of which was spent by the African National Congress (ANC) alone.

Huge billboards and mounted posters on street lamps were evidence of intense campaigning in a fierce build-up to South Africa’s most expensive election.

For the next few weeks, as parties begin to clean up the streets of their advertising materials, we will still bare witness to the aftermath as posters remain glues to bus shelters and walls.

Founder and director of ZOE PR Communications Managers, Khanyisile Madlala told the Citizen that it is estimated that parties collectively spent around R2-billion on their campaign, however the ANC went all out with their campaign and half of that estimate was spent by them alone.

Provided advertising companies and printers were paid timeously, it would have resulted in substantial growth for them, said Madlala.

Madlala said that she believed that political parties were clear in the messages but internal party disputes will always leave a lasting impression on voters.

The interparty politics should stop as well as corruption.  Political parties should get their house in order and portray an image of responsibility and honesty in order to grow future leaders.

As a brand and public relations strategist, Madlala expects future polls will be more expensive as the strategy has translated into success for the ruling party.