Cosa wants angoma who predicted ANC win to be arrested

The Christians of South Africa (Cosa) group wants the sangoma who predicted the African National Congress’s (ANC) win on a television broadcast to be arrested.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) hosted the sangoma on the show, Full View ahead of the elections where she predicted the governing party would receive 60.7% of the votes.

The ANC only received 57.5% of the votes.

Cosa’s president, pastor Derick Mosoana said that the act was a conspiracy to instil fear into the public and create the delusion of the ANC’s victory.

The live broadcast was aired on SABC 10 hours prior to the start of the elections which could have been a result of the low voter turnout and the increased percentage of spoiled ballots.

Mosoana said that those who believe in ancestors might have thought it pointless to head to the polls as the ANC were going to win.

The sangoma’s predictions could have been rehearsed as part of the ANC’s ploy to create loss of interest in the opposition parties and ensuring victory for themselves.

He was surprised that law enforcement and the custodians of religious matters in South Africa, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) and the Traditional Healers’ Council had allowed this broadcast.