A woman created a stir on social media with a debate about her R80k labola

A woman whose fiancé paid R80,000 for her labola took to social media on Sunday to question why another man would expect her to cheat on the man she is about to marry.

She explained that her fiancé respected her as a woman and treated her like the only woman alive and that any woman would be crazy to risk losing that by going with another man.

While the woman’s complaint was regarding another man who continually requested that she cheat on her fiancé, the keyboard warriors of social media focused on the amount of lobola the fiancé had paid.

She responded by explaining that it was a measure of her worth,, but this started a debate on the purpose of labola and what would be considered a standard payment.

The woman expressed that it was obvious that black people do not want to see other black people happy and that nobody should hate her if they can’t afford to pay that amount for their woman, or if someone feels they are only worth R2,000.

The Citizen  reported that there was no agreement on what the ‘normal’ labola is, but it does appear to be a reflection on what the woman feels she is worth.