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Zimbabwe rolls out 10-hour load shedding

Zimbabwe have begun rolling load shedding which could affect some areas for up to 10 hours, due to a reduction in power generation at the hydro plant.

The countrys’ power utility, Zesa said the power cuts have been scheduled to reduce consumption as there is a risk they could run out of electricity within four months.

The hydropower station is was averaging 542 Megawatts (MW) due to the low water level at the Kariba Dam.

Peak demand is between 5am to 10am and 5pm to 10pm is around 2,100MW, which is when load-shedding will be implemented.

The times may be extended if power shortfall increases, in order to prevent a collapse of the National Electric Grid.

The lake has received it’s lowest rainfall in 40 years, which could result in five million people requiring food aid.

In the even that power conservation targets are not met, load-shedding may be increased to Stage 2 which will result in 12-15 hour blackouts.

Zimbabwe are only able to produce 1,000MW, the balance of 1.100MW is imported from Eskom in South Africa and Mozambique’s Hydro Cahora Bassa as the coal-fired Hwange thermal power station is old and fragile.

The power cuts will cause further strain on the public’s already stretched budgets as they will need to source other power alternatives such as gas.