SA’s electricity crisis is still not over

During this weeks Electricity Summit held in Cape Town, Western Cape Premier Helen Zille expressed that the people need to be informed that the electricity crisis is far from over.

The summit was held to address a range of problems and try to find solutions.

Eskom’s general manager of the Western Cape, Alwie Lester admitted that load-shedding is not helping the situation.  It is in fact making it worse as the system is not designed to be switched off and on in the way it has been.

There was much debate regarding the privatisation of Eskom or the entity being dissolved all together.

Lester told TimesLIVE that Eskom would need to shift it’s strategy gradually while building a renewable energy source.

Out of 115 countries in the Effective Energy Transitions Index of 2018, South Africa is ranked second to last.

South Africa need to look at a more affordable renewable energy source, however Eskom are currently facing operational constraints and only focused on fossil fuel electricity.

The country is still still being warned of possible Stage 1 load-shedding.