Wife killer accused Rob Packham case continues

During his appearance in the Western Cape High Court on Monday, Rob Packham pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife, Gill Packham in February 2018.

Gill was classified as missing on February 22 when she did not arrive for work at 07:30. Her body was found in the trunk of her burnt out car near Diep River train station.

Police found blood in Packham’s home garage and bathroom as well as under his car door handle and DNA analysis revealed that the blood belonged to Gill.

Packham claimed that his wife used his car to take bags of recycling to the dump and had cut her hand.  He thought the blood could be from that.

His former mistress, who may not be identified, testified that he claimed to be happy in his life but not with his wife, despite them attending marital counselling.

Apparently the house alarm had been on, the dogs were in the garden and there was no sign of forced entry or robbery which does not explain the blood in the garage.

Senior state prosecutor Susan Galloway cross-examined Packham and he advised her that he assumes his wife was randomly high jacked in the garage and murdered.