Only elderly white farmers will be compensated in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s announced on Sunday that priority for compensation for land expropriation will be given to elderly white farmers.

Last week the finance and agriculture ministries said the government had budgeted $18-million to allow for the compensation of white commercial farmers who lost their properties to land redistribution during Robert Mugabe’s rein almost 20 years ago.

IOL reported that in an interview with Zimbabwe’s state-owned newspaper, Sunday Mail, Mnangagwa said they estimated the farm improvements were valued at $1-billion and they were not obliged to pay all farmers.

Mnangagwa explained that they will not pay for the land or compensate those who are fit as the government does not have enough resources.

Zimbabwe is apparently in talks with the British government to assist with contributions in order to compensate the farmers.

Around 4,000 of the 4,500 white farmers lost their farms during the seizure when Mugabe attempted to correct the colonial-era land ownership disparities.

Mnangagwa is however wanting to boost the country’s economy by increasing agricultural production and improving foreign investment.