Farmer murdered and wife attacked in Bela Bela, Limpopo

The Democratic Alliance (DA) have again asked the South African government to reinstate the specialised units on rural farms after a Limpopo farmer was killed and his wife injured on Saturday.

According to reports Mr Maluleka and his wife were in their house in Bela Bela when unknown suspects allegedly entered their home and shot the farmer under his chin, killing him.

They then turned the unknown calibre firearm on the wife, shooting her in the chest.  She was able to escape to a neighbouring farm where a resident took her to hospital.

DA Limpopo leader Jacques Smalle said valuables had been taken from a storeroom as well as a bakkie was stolen.

Mrs Maluleka was under sedation in hospital and unable to supply details.

No arrests have been made as yet.

Smalle is calling for the South African Police service to take action as attacks are increasing in the Bela Bela area.

Deepest condolences were extended to the Maluleka family and friends from Smalle for their tragic loss.