Bushiri tries to bribe woman to abort love child

New allegations have come to light about the self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his attempt to bribe a teenage girl into aborting his child.

According to City Press, the young girl fell in love with Bushiri and when she fell pregnant with his baby he apparently offered her a cheque for R1 500 to have an abortion, but the cheque bounced.

The young lady’s three female family members have come forward to reveal Bushiri’s secret seven-year-old daughter.

The family have appealed to Bushiri to have a paternity test conducted publicly as they are adamant he is the father.

The district are aware that he is the biological father and the mother feels it is time he took responsibility as the daughter is old enough now.

The mother and child cannot be named in order to protect the child’s identity but they are not interested in Bushiri’s wealth. The mother only feels he should support his child emotionally and financially.

At the time they met, Bushiri was broke but he was her first love, despite his admission at the time to having multiple girlfriends.

After falling pregnant in 2010 the woman’s family took Bushiri to court to force him to pay child support but his followers threatened them.

After his marriage to his wife in 2011, Bushiri visited the woman and her family in an attempt to make amends, acknowledging the child is his, but the terms were unacceptable.

The woman is still trying to get justice and has returned to the maintenance courts.