Venezuela’s power grid outage has caused much chaos

Venezuela’s power system went down in most parts of Venezuela on March 7 leaving most people in darkness, a reality which South Africa could possibly face.

In the capital, Caracas, long lines of vehicles wait for hours to fill up at gas stations which are still operational.

While the rich have taken refuge in hotels, vehicles are seen along the highways with people searching for cellphone signal.

The blackout has affected water pumps in some areas causing schools and businesses to close. Many people are having to collect water at springs.

The cause of the blackout is reported to have been an unspecified faulty which the country’s president and ministers have blamed on sabotage and cyber attacks by the United States. None of which has any evidence.

The widespread power outage has also affected hospitals, leaving critical kidney patients in desperate need of blood purification treatment and causing much chaos throughout the hospitals.

The smell of rotting flesh is becoming unbearable from the morgue and relatives are waiting to bury their deceased.

The impact of five days without power as had devistating effects on the country and impacted on the daily lives of many individuals who are unable to use digital payment systems or keep fresh produce refrigerated.

Traffic lights are out causing gridlock in the streets and subway systems are non-operational.