South Africa in the dark again with load-shedding stage 2

Many South Africans were confused yesterday when they suddenly found themselves in the dark after Eskom implemented stage 2 load-shedding.

Social media was bombarded by people asking what had happened and how far the power was out.

After enjoying not having load-shedding for the past two months, Eskom made the announcement via Twitter at around 11:00 on Sunday that they would begin rolling out power cuts commencing from 13:00 until 22:00.

The power utility stated in their Tweet that they will need to replenish and preserve their resources of emergency water and diesel in order to limit the possibility of load-shedding in the weeks ahead.

While the grid appears to be stable, familiarise yourself with the timetable to prevent being caught unaware.

If your power is provided directly by Eskom, you can find your schedule here.

If your power is provided by the municipality, you may check your schedule here.