KZN Hospitals In Need Of Staff, But Over 40 Doctors Remain Unemployed.

Many hospitals in South Africa are struggling due to lack of qualified staff members. These staff shortages are negatively impacting patients around the country. In Durban, this problem is especially prevalent. The South African Medical Association (SAMA) is currently trying to find jobs for more than 40 intern and community service doctors.

Vice President of SAMA, Dr Mark Sonderup, has recently complained about the emphasis the country places on educating doctors, but the lack of effort it puts in to get them jobs.

However, Gavin Steel, a worker at the National Department of Health, has stated that all qualified doctors were given placements this year during the January and July intake cycles. He suggests that the real problem is that intern and community service doctors are selective about positions they’re offered.


By: Mikayla Tetreault, Staff Writer