EC Drug Lord Let Off The Hook With R1M Fine. Livingstone Napoleon, a prominent drug lord…

Livingstone Napoleon, a prominent Eastern Cape drug lord, has been successful at avoiding arrest over the years. Napoleon, who is 61 years old, has escaped jail time yet again, this time after confessing to drug dealing and possession, as well as money laundering. However, instead of receiving a 10 year sentence, he avoided jail time by paying a R1 million fee.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, Tsepo Ndwalaza told Dispatch Live that senior state advocate Nceba Ntelwa met with Napoleon and his lawyers to negotiate a plea deal that was authorised by the national director of public prosecution. Ndwalaza said that Ntelwa, Napoleon and his lawyers “negotiated and entered into this agreement in respect of a plea of guilty by the accused to the offences of which he may be convicted on the charge, as well as a just sentence to be imposed by the court.”

Napoleon is believed to be directly responsible for the current drug epidemic in East London. Most addicts in the area are under the age of 30. This is partially why anti-drug organizations in the Eastern Cape are furious at the NPA’s decision to let Napoleon off with a simple slap on the wrist.


By: Mikayla Tetreault, Staff Writer