Malema Gun Inquiry Prompts Raid of Bodyguard’s Office.

Julius Malema has been under intense scrutiny since the EFF’s 5 year celebratory rally earlier this month. During the rally, Malema took the stage to show his appreciation for the EFF. However, he then walked to where his bodyguards were standing to the side of the stage, retrieved what appeared to be a rifle, and then fired several shots into the air.

After Malema began firing, his bodyguard quickly retrieved the gun. Malema has since claimed that the gun was fake, but many are skeptical. It is illegal to fire a weapon without a reasonable cause, which means that- if it is found that Malema did fire a real gun- both he and Snyman will be arrested. Critics are slamming Malema for not only breaking the law, but for putting the lives of those at the rally at risk.

On Sunday, the Hawks stormed into the offices of Malema’s bodyguard, Adriaan Snyman, in Durban. Snyman is the bodyguard accused of giving his gun to Malema at the rally. During the raid, police collected 12 rifles, which they sent to Port Elizabeth for forensic testing.

While the EFF has not commented on the matter, AfriForum has filed charges against Malema for firing a weapon and Black First Land First has laid charges against Snyman for his involvement.

By: Mikayla Tetreault, Staff Writer