NW Under Administration During Irregular Expenditure Investigation.

For the past several years, more and more money has been misspent in the North West. In March, 2017 the amount of reported irregular expenditure stood at R15 billion. North West citizens have been protesting for weeks and the amount of civil unrest resulted in the removal of former premier Supra Mahumapelo. Mahumapelo has been accused of poor leadership and ineffective supervision of provincial departments.

Since Mahumapelo’s removal, President Cyril Ramaphosa has placed the North West province under administration. Additionally, a parliament ad hoc committee has been created to investigate where the misspent billions have disappeared to. The provincial departments are set to expect a visit from the committee next month, as over 90% of the missing funds were lost by five departments.

When asked about the goal of the committee, the chairperson Charel de Beer said, “We will do robust oversight to quote the new premier of the North West when he addressed us.” The North West province is expected to be under administration for the next two years, as that is the length of time needed to restore regular service delivery. Given the fact that Limpopo’s administration lasted from 2011-2014, the two year administration estimate for the North West appears to be accurate.


By: Mikayla Tetreault, Staff Writer