Pravin Gordhan Warns Against ‘Bell Pottinger Part 2.’

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan in concerned about a plot he has labeled “Bell Pottinger Part 2.” This plot, he says, “is a serious and determined attempt to push back investigations into state capture. Bell Pottinger Part 2 is an underground media strategy to attack those who stood up against wrong things.”

More specifically, Gordhan says that the plot is actually a well-planned strategy to shift focus away from South Africa’s real problems and the government’s efforts to correct wrongdoings and reinstate strong governance. Those involved in State Capture have no desire to see South Africa rebuilt successfully.

Gordhan is confident that the government has enough evidence against state capture culprits, but points out that the accused aren’t going down without a fight. This is likely because those guilty of state capture hold prominent positions in the country, such as lawyers and financial advisers.  Billions of dollars have gone missing because of state capture and Gordhan claims that the guilty parties are using “Bell Pottinger Part 2” to stop the government from finding this money.

Gordhan is passionate about investigating the specific roles that prominent businessmen and powerful professionals played in state capture.

By: Mikayla Tetreault, Staff Writer